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3 Different Types of Bicycle Tires Based on Performance!

With the development of modern technology, tires have become increasingly more modified and designed for a specific purpose. It forms the bedrock of bicycle performance and marks a great deal of difference between one and the others.
As a bicycle and tire retailer, you should know the different kinds of tires that are available with the bicycle wholesale distributors. Knowing this will not only give you better insight into business, but also allow you to sell the right variation to your customer, depending upon what they need.

Now, if you are ready to take a look at what these are, then let us find out –

1. The Race Tires

Bicycle racing is not just of one kind and there are different types of races happening all around. There is velodrome racing, BMX racing, and the big leagues like Tour De France.
Each of these events need a specific kind of tire to do the job and understanding it as a retailer is integral. For velodromes in general, slick tires with a decent amount of grip running across the surface area is good enough. Since these tires are designed to work on smooth surfaces, they do not need much shine and shizzle, making them quite low maintenance.


For BMX racing on the other hand, the tires are generally fat, have a smaller diameter, and loads of grip that allow you to hold to the surface. BMX tires are also made of sturdier stuff, and come in tubeless variants as well.
Cross country bicycle tires are hybrid in nature and designed to perform well off and on road. They also have a larger diameter and lesser width that is built for speed and aerodynamics.

2. Mountain Bike Tires

This kind of bikes are made for the path less travelled, adorned with gravel, rocks, stones, and slippery slopes. From their job profile alone, some of their qualities are easily deducible.

For starters, they need to have a lot of grip, which is very essential on the off road that is filled with slopes, curves, and tumultuous paths. The wideness of the tires is designed to give it a better surface area and allow it to hold.

These tires are also made of sturdy stuff and are maximum puncture proof because of the kind of terrain they are generally used for. Handling these tires on mountain bikes needs a fair amount of training and expertise.

3. Kevlar Tires tyers-wholesale

Kevlar tires are one of the most sturdiest variants and designed for high traction which makes it a favorite for many different kinds of environments. In general, the Kevlar built makes it an endurable variant.

These are the 3 popular tyre types in bicycles that you need to know about if you are going to sell your goods at the retail store. Also, for the best quality of tires, you need to get in touch with best cycling wholesale suppliers.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch now for more!

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