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3 Different Bicycle Types and You Had No Clue about!

Bicycles are probably one of the most easily spotted vehicles in India and very popular in almost all the states, including West Bengal. Known to have been the common man’s ride, the vehicle has changed over the course of time into a lot of other different things.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at 3 different avatars of this usual suspect and find out how they have managed to look the same and yet be so different. Once you get the clear picture, ordering bicycle wholesale will never be the same again.

Are you ready to find out what these are made of? Let’s take a look –

The Dual Sports Bike

An evolution of the sports bike itself, this bicycle looks similar and is a lot different. Generally made with suspension in the front, it is the perfect vehicle to take a tour around the neighborhood on something that does not look like it belongs to someone 50 years old.

It has an aggressive style that is cast very well by top manufacturers and cycle dealers. However, the smaller seat is a problem if you are looking to ride long hours.

The upright handles and multi-surface enabled tires are a wonder for the new age man and this should definitely be a part of the latest cycle repair store.

The Cruiser Bicycle

The cruiser bicycle is one that is designed to be a ride for someone who is looking for a vehicle that is casual and does not have too many features revolving around it. It is an upright bike and the tires are specifically designed to make your journey around your home a lot more enjoyable.

Not for the long distance rider, this bicycle needs a flat surface to ridden on and boasts a large comfortable seat. One of the main features of this bike that fits the bill well is the coaster brake. This system is no disc brake efficient and one literally has to paddle backwards to stop.

So, while the cruiser bike is entirely different from its motorized counterpart in reputation and stature, it is available in a myriad of designs and that is what makes it a bicycle connoisseur’s dream!

The Velodrome Bike

Also known as the track bike, this single gear bicycle is made for the velodrome or bicycle racing tracks. It has the simplest of designs possible and mostly comes with a ‘no pedaling, no coasting’ single gear system.

The drop handle can often become an impediment for regular riders who do not want a low riding position, but that can easily be changed for flat or an upright handle design.

Sometimes, these bicycles do not even have brakes, because of their simplistic gear system and that is what makes it a special.

These are the 3 types of bikes that most bicycle retailers have no clue about, but they do exist. For more such information, contact the top tyres and tube dealer in Kolkata now.

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