Bicycle Tyres Wholesalers in Kolkata

At Sureka Marketing, we are one of the top bicycle, tubes, and tyres dealer and wholesaler in Kolkata.

If you are looking for top quality bicycle, tubes, and tyres for your retail or distribution shop, then Sureka Marketing is the company you need. As a top dealer of bicycle parts wholesale, we have come a long way from our humble years.

We have years of experience in the field and each of our products are made from the top quality of raw materials. We are also a top bicycle wholesaler in Kolkata, and we offer the best prices to our clients.

Top quality products for your business

Sureka Marketing understands the kind of cut throat competition that is present in the market today. As one of the top bicycle tyres wholesalers, we want to make sure that you have the quality to compete against it.

It is through this zeal that our company looks to serve you and your business. We have a wide range of products, and everything from regular cycles to mountain bikes and other variants are included in our catalog.

If you want to partner with the top tyre wholesalers in Kolkata, then Sureka Marketing is the place for you to be. Here’s what you get with us:

  1. Top quality wholesale bicycles of all variety and sizes.
  2. Best quality tyres and tubes for your products to make sure there is no disappointment.

We give you the best prices of our products

A business is based on profits, which in turn is based on the price you get from your wholesaler and dealer.

At Sureka Marketing, we understand this better than any of our contemporaries and that is why as a wholesale bicycle tubes dealer, we offer the best prices you will get.

We have a number of perks for bulk orders and you can expect some rewards depending on your order size!

Once you buy from us, going to any other bicycle tube and tyre dealers after us will become next to impossible. That is the kind of service we provide!

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Best Tyre and Tubes Dealer/Distributor in Kolkata

Sureka Marketing is always looking forward to join hands with you as a tyre and tubes dealer & distributor in kolkata. Our products are going to usher a new age to your business and it will do a lot better once you are done!

Once you get on board with us, you shall know why we are the best cycle dealer in Kolkata. Get in touch for more information now!

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